Every Senior Needs to Know these 12 Travel Hacks

Every Senior Needs to Know these 12 Travel Hacks

Traveling is usually one of the most enjoyable life experiences that many Americans – especially senior citizens look forward to. But for some people, this wonderful experience is never enjoyed fully during their prime, younger ages. Rather, they only begin to take advantage of traveling when their children have grown up and they have reached the age of retirement. Only after they have saved up a couple of bucks and finally have the freedom and flexibility to take memorable trips on their own.

To make sure your trips are truly memorable, we have identified 12 easy travel hacks to help make your trip the best it can be.

            •           Advance preparations and arrangements are key.

You could boycott those frustrating eventualities that sometimes mar fun trips when you make some pre-travel arrangements.  One of the first things to consider as you prepare for the trip is to find out the transportation options available in the town you are visiting. As a senior, you may have the need for a wheelchair assistance, which is why it’s important to make early arrangements for wheelchair rentals and medical centers near you.  If you have a pet, you should inquire and arrange for the necessary preparations for them in advance. It’s also good to look up what stores, malls, and food restaurants are in close proximity to where you will be staying. All of these preparations and arrangements should be dealt with prior to your trip.

Additionally, our tour guides are usually handy to help with some difficulties and accommodation challenges. So, remember to look out for our senior-centric travel provisions while you make your early travel arrangements.

            •           Get your Doctor’s counsel.

No matter the age one is, informing your doctor before traveling into a new city is another healthy traveling tip. This is helpful as you will need to get medical advice, a comprehensive medical check-up as well as a vaccination profile, which has to be up to date, as part of a complete travel requirement. 

Getting flu and pneumonia vaccinations ahead of the trip is in your favor too.

            •           The speed lane is all yours…

Believe it or not, waiting in long lines for travel checks is never an attractive option, even the young dread it. However, if you travel often you are in luck!

As a regular air route passenger, you have the liberty to contact the Global Entry Program or The Nexus Program.

This option requires a detailed and tedious background clarification but grants you the clearance of travel documents for low-risk travelers in the United States at an accelerated pace.

            •           Reap the gains of fares discount for seniors.

Being a senior certainly comes with golden possibilities in traveling. You will be surprised that you can save as much as $200 when you book your travels online or over the phone.

Airlines that offer this service include: American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

If your airline does not make this possibility visible, feel free to inquire so you can save some money!

            •           Remember to get your travel insurance.

Travelers insurance is another important item to put in place before approaching the airport. Even when American health insurance does not include travel insurance when you travel out of the US, you can still make an alternative travel insurance through your personal insurance plan.

So, what you need to do is do your research so you can choose whatever plan serves you best.

Every Senior Needs to Know these 12 Travel Hacks

            •           Pack smart, Pack little.

There is nothing worse than overpacking and bringing things you think you’ll need but never actually use.

The last thing you want is having a truckload of luggage impede your navigation or compel you to watch over and keep track of an excessive amount of belongings.

So, have a reasonable checklist and go with the necessary few. Less is more!

            •           Don’t forget to pack your medications with you.

No matter how easy and simple filling drug prescriptions in another country is, nothing infuriates like the vacation time it steals from you.

So, if you are also one of America’s seniors whose health demands strict medical adherence, taking your complete package of medication is a healthy and smart travel essential.

            •           Always check in your luggage.

Your energy should be reserved for the trip ahead, instead of being used to push your luggage around. Therefore, checking it in remains a helpful choice.

You can also request for a wheelchair or an electric cart for added ease, though it may attract additional charges it is worth the convenience.

            •           Make plans for late in the day sight-seeing.

Visiting beautiful tourist sites are best later in the day because the temperatures will be cool and accommodating. The crowd will also be minimal and easy to contend.

You see, our burden for your travel comfort does not end when you depart the airport’s arrival lodge.

            •           Keep keen on your diet.

For seniors, apart from the motion upset, traveling could usher some avoidable stomach upset. A general rule of thumb for travelers is to abstain eating spicy local foods, excess water, and from restaurants before traveling.

            •           Leave your expensive jewelry at home.

Sadly, seniors are usually targets for scam artists and miscreant which is the reason to leave them at home.

Because traveling with expensive jewelry makes you conspicuously attractive to criminals who may take advantage of your vulnerability it’s best to leave them at home.

            •              Don’t forget to keep your friends and loved one’s updated…

It is always safe to keep your family and friends updated on your every move, share your travel schedule with them and keep their minds at peace.

So, remember to drop a message for them on their social media platforms.

You too can have a safe trip!

Traveling is an exciting adventure but can be pretty daunting when you meet it unprepared especially for seniors.

But that is about to change once you have digested these fun travel hacks. Now you can finally travel the world with a clear mind.

Are you ready!?