dont Buy a SUV

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a 2020 SUV

Since the inception of the SUVs and their partner, the CUVs, a year has gone by without them presenting a new model to us. The Sports Utility Vehicles are one of the most cherished types of vehicles in the United States along with many other places because of their classic look and functions. Although there are some factors that are not ideal about the SUV, our love for them always overcomes these doubts.  

The beginning of 2019 had us saving up for the latest models which we never had a chance to get as we’re already being teased with the newer 2020 models. Thus starting the ongoing cycle of saving up for the newer, cooler, and better model. However, we have weighed in on all that the 2019 and 2020 SUVs have to offer and from our observations, we do not think that hopping on the latter would be the best choice right now.

We understand the hype that comes with anything new and the respect people get for owning the latest model of anything in the market. However, if you’re gunning for an SUV, whether a 2002 model or a 2020 model, there must be some other reason besides “respect” for your choice. That being said, here are some of the reasons people buy SUVs.

            •           The comfort.

Anyone that has been in an SUV can attest to the comfort it offers. Not only can it accommodate more passengers, but it also has enough leg room for everyone to move their legs freely.

            •           The space.

Because of how most SUVs are shaped, they come with lots of space for extra luggage. People who love road trips or have large families usually find this a better option compared to the wagons, and beats having to make two trips instead.

            •           The rugged nature.

One distinguishing feature of the SUV is its four-wheel drive. This makes the vehicle the perfect beast for off-road and winter trips. Each wheel has a firm grip on the ground and if one happens to get stuck, it doesn’t affect the other three so a little more throttle and the wheel is no longer stuck. Also making the SUV a little safer and more sturdy which is important for many people.  

            •           The style.

Even if not for any of the reasons mentioned above, the SUV tops buyers charts because of how stylish they are. Whether it’s a Mazda, Sedan, Jeep Wrangler, RAV4 or Chevrolet, the style is always sleek and indeed, one to save up for.

If you’re buying this car to prove a point to someone, your reason for choosing the SUV would most certainly be on the list provided above – or maybe take up the whole list. And guess what? All SUV models currently in the market provide all these features. A 2017 SUV can provide as much space and comfort as a 2019 SUV so why the rush for a 2020 more expensive model instead?

There is no denying the fact that some changes are made to the newer models. The question is, “of what significance are these changes?” To help answer that, here’s a breakdown of the usual pattern that the SUV models go by.

            •           1st and 2nd year: The models look pretty much the same as they are just breaking new grounds in the market.

            •           3rd year: By this time, people have gotten familiar with the previous models so the manufacturers switch things up by giving the new model a different look. The change may not be thorough but it would be quite obvious and may touch areas like the shape of the headlights and rear lights, the wheels, fuel consumption, and a few other things.

            •           4th and 5th years: The manufacturers give buyers some more time to get accustomed to the changes they made in the 3rd model so no significant change is made.

            •           6th year: This is when the design’s tenure runs out so a complete overhaul is done from inside-out. The new cycle starts with this design until the 6h year.


Why You Should Stick With the 2019 SUV Model

From all we’ve highlighted, you should already have an idea for why we suggest you go with the 2019 model of SUVs over the 2020 model but there’s more to it than you think.

            •           The 2019 models are significantly cheaper than the latest models. Now, it’s only normal for an older model to be less expensive than the newer, but usually the difference is not much. However, this is not the case regarding the 2019 model. This year, most dealers were not able to clear out the 2019 model before the coming of the 2020 model. So, as the year comes to an end, the need to get rid of them rapidly increases, leaving them no choice but to greatly reduce the prices. (Making the 2019 model much cheaper than the 2020)

            •           You get incentives for buying the former. Along with the price drop, sellers are beginning to give incentives to buyers of the 2019 model – anything to make space for the new model to come in. You could have a dealer offering you extra discounts on top of the price slash and even give you longer warranties just to get you to buy the “older” car.

            •           There’s little difference between the former and the latter. Looking at the speed, fuel consumption, durability, and style, we can say that both models would pass for excellent ratings.

It’s okay if, for any reason, you end up buying the 2020 SUV model but if you don’t mind saving a few thousand dollars and still getting pretty much the same quality at the same time, then the 2019 model is certainly what you should have your eyes on.

Additionally, you should carry out your own survey on both models. Make sure you check out local and online dealers for the best prices and incentives. You may find yourself as excited about the 2019 models as you are about the 2020 models.