An Informative Guide to Online Degrees For Seniors

Did you know that college students make up 10% of the American population? These days, college students aren’t 20-somethings who party on campus. College students comprise of all age groups since you’re never too old to further your education. If you’re a senior or even if you’re over the age of 50, you may be wondering if your time has passed to go back to college. And with online college, earning an education for seniors has never been more convenient. But you may be asking yourself, “what are the best online degrees for seniors?” Here, we will cover some of our recommendations in addition to different degree types.

Associate’s Degree

An Associate’s Degree is the degree you receive after two years of college (full-time) or when you earn 60 credits. For many, this degree is the prerequisite to a Bachelor’s Degree. But if you’re simply looking for education options, you can likely find an Associate’s Degree for you.


An Associate’s in Arts is one of the top rate online degrees for seniors. It covers a variety of different topics, but especially the liberal arts (history, humanities, technology, social and behavioral sciences, etc.) and digital arts (design, media communication, and photography).

For many, the Associate’s in Arts degree is also a general education degree where they can learn essential career skills. Even if you don’t strive to go back to school, the arts will teach you skills you’ll use in your everyday life, such as better communication and an improved cultural outlook.

In addition, with our world becoming more technologically advanced, you’ll learn essential technical skills that you can use in your own artistic endeavors. For example, if you’re an artist who wants to explore more outside of painting and drawing, you can learn graphic design and photography. All of these skills can be achieved with online schooling.


Are you better with numbers? You can always study accounting. With this degree, you’ll learn essential information about financial figures and reports so you make better financial decisions. This degree is also more versatile than you think; you’ll learn the essentials of business, math, and other accounting principles.

While most who pursue accounting will get a higher education, you can always study accounting to improve your own financial knowledge and pursue part-time or freelance work in finance. Plus, this is said to be one of the most affordable degrees for seniors.

Child Development

Want nothing more than to work with children? You can always achieve an Associate’s Degree in Child Development. You’ll learn different techniques to work with children of all ages and grade levels. You can also choose a specialty, such as special needs.

Most general child development degrees teach you vital skills such as language development and academic assessment. You may also learn other skills, such as:

  • Child development theories
  • Child safety
  • Cognitive development
  • Behavior management

You can take this education and these skills to work at a child enrichment center, a daycare, preschool, and more. These businesses are always looking for part-time workers and volunteers, which is a fulfilling way to live out your golden years.


Want to learn more about the human mind? Then study psychology. Psychology encompasses many aspects and you can choose to specialize in one of the many areas of psychology. These include:

  • Psychological disorders
  • Personality types and theories
  • Social behavior and influence
  • Developmental stages

While you won’t be able to land a career unless you move forward in your education, an Associate’s in Psychology can land you a few part-time roles, such as in social services and as a psychologist’s aid.

Bachelor’s Degree

Let’s say you already earned an Associate’s Degree and want to take your education up a step further? Then you may want to consider a Bachelor’s Degree. This degree is the stepping stone in landing your dream job (because it’s never too late). Or, maybe you want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree to simply fulfill your goal of getting an education.

Regardless of your reason for getting a Bachelor’s Degree, here’s a few degree recommendations we have.


Business degrees are usually very general but can help you excel in any place you’re at in life. As a senior, business ownership and management are ideal for some, since you’ll likely want to spend the rest of your life pursuing something you love. No matter what it is, you’ll want some great business skills to ensure you’re successful.

Studying business will teach you essential skills so your business can thrive. These skills include:

  • Business management
  • A focus in certain fields (healthcare, technology, finance, etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

If you strive to use your degree in your career, just about every job will accept a business degree. All of these skills will also benefit you if you pursue your own business.

Health Science

Love science? Do you want to work in a field where you help others? Maybe you’ve been working in the health industry for years and want to take your career a step further? If so, then a Bachelor’s in Health Science could be your answer.

First, let’s look at what health science is. This is the application of science in many areas of health. This may include medicine, diet and nutrition, and more. A variety of different medical technicians, assistants, therapists, registrars, technologists, and even paramedics hold this degree.


It’s never too late to land a role that’s in-demand, and engineering is a broad career that’s always looking for skilled individuals. Engineering has many fields, including:

  • Computer science and technology
  • Information
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network Administration
  • Electrical
  • Software

If you’re already an engineer, it’s recommended you continue your education to stay informed of the latest engineering skills and developments. Pursuing or re-pursuing a Bachelor’s in a different engineering field will keep your skills and knowledge sharp.

Pursue These Online Degrees for Seniors

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Knowledge is power but it’s also limitless. These are a couple of reasons why many seniors go back to college.

If you’re debating about hitting the books again, these are the best online degrees for seniors. You can choose an Associate’s Degree to expand your knowledge and even land part-time work or a Bachelor’s Degree to further your career before you retire.

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