The Best Browser Extensions for Saving Money and Time

There are two things that everyone wants more of: money and time. These resources seem to disappear so fast. Especially with the ease of online shopping. Impulse buying has never been easier, thanks to one-click checkouts and saved credit card information. But the problem isn’t that you buy things online. The problem is that you overpay for things online.

Luckily, there are Chrome browser extensions that can help you save money when shopping online. You can automatically find the best deal, to ensure you aren’t overpaying on one website compared to another. The best browser extensions make it easy to save money every single day. And not only money but there are plenty of time-saving browser extensions to help you reclaim your most precious resource of all.

So what Google browser extensions should you download today to save both time and money? Read on below to discover the most popular. 


Honey is one of the best browser extensions for saving money. Have you ever searched the web for coupon codes before making an online purchase? It almost never works.

But the Honey extension solves that. It will automatically apply every valid coupon code to your online order. It works with over 30,000 e-commerce sites, from big name brands like Shein and even food delivery sites like Pizza Hut. 

On top of coupon codes, the extension also compares the price with Amazon listings for that product to ensure you are getting the best idea with every purchase. 

Honey claims that the average user saves $126 per year. That means some people are saving a lot more. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save all that time wasted searching for coupon codes that never seem to work. 

Amazon Assistant

When shopping online, the Amazon Assistant extension will notify you if a particular is available on Amazon for a lower price. It will also look up similar items if the exact one isn’t available. 

CouponCabin Sidekick

Similar to Honey, the CouponCabin Sidekick extension will notify you if any coupon codes are available when making a purchase online. And when you search for products online, you’ll see coupons and cashback offers directly in the search results, helping you to save time during your search. 

Flight Fare Compare

Paying full price for airfare isn’t fun. But finding deals can be difficult, with dozens of airlines to choose from, and many sites offering deals at different times, to different locations.

The Flight Fare Compare extension takes your initial flight search on Google Flights and runs it through online travel agents like Momondo, Kayak, and Skyscanner to compare prices and spot deals. These search aggregators collectively scan hundreds of different sites to ensure all your bases are covered when searching for the best flight.

Not only can this extension save you hundreds of dollars on flights, but it saves you hours and hours manually searching for flights on different websites. 


So you’ve got your cheap flights booked, but what about your hotel and rental car for that upcoming vacation? The InvisibleHand extension will let you know if there’s a cheaper price available when looking for travel reservations. 

It also searches for cheaper flights and works with retail sites as well. 


Booking a hotel room at a great price isn’t enough. Many times, after booking, rates will drop or hotel brands will run sales. But if you aren’t paying attention, you can’t take advantage of these new, low prices.

The Pruvo extension will track your hotel reservations. If it discovers new, lower prices, it will send you an alert. Most of the time, you can cancel a hotel reservation free of charge. Then, you can rebook at a lower rate.

Pruvo sends you a guide on how to cancel and rebook your reservation to take advantage of these newfound savings. 


The SwagButton extension comes to you from the company that created Swag Bucks, an online survey site that rewards you with cash and gift cards.

The SwagButton also helps you save money by checking if different sites that you visit offer cashback on any type of purchase. And like many other extensions, it will check to see if there are any valid coupon codes available to use. 

RebatesMe Cash Back Button

Speaking of cashback, the RebatesMe Cash Back Button extension helps you to save and earn money. It will let you know if any of the sites you are visiting have cashback offers. 


Another popular cashback extension is the Ibotta browser extension. It doesn’t rely on the use of promo codes or on earning rewards points to be redeemed for cash later on.

Rather, it provides simple, real cash back by shopping at your favorite online retailers. Cash can be deposited directly to your bank account, sent to your Paypal account, or used to buy gift cards. 

Acorns Earn

The Acorns app is an investing app you can download on your smartphone. By linking it to your bank account, you can have the Acorns App round-up purchases that you make, and deposit the difference into an investment account.

You can also link your credit card. If you want to invest your spare change while earning cashback or travel rewards, you can benefit from both options. 

The Acorns Earn browser extension works in tandem with the app. Acorns partners with many big-name brands like Nike, who send a percentage of your orders directly to your acorns app to build your investments. 

Downloading the Best Browser Extensions

There’s no time to waste. Every day that you’re using the internet without these extensions enabled, is a day you are losing precious dollars.

Reclaim the most valuable assets you have by installing the best browser extensions right now. Once you start seeing the savings add up, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.

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