Top 7 Senior Jobs You Should Know About

Did you know that over a quarter of all seniors in America are continuing to work well into their retirement years? Whether it’s due to boredom, the urge to continue contributing to the workforce, or the need to supplement retirement income, it’s no longer uncommon for seniors to take part-time or full-time jobs.

Are you interested in taking on a new job as an older adult? 

It’s not always easy to start a new job when you’re already a senior. Many businesses prioritize younger candidates, even though age discrimination in the workforce isn’t technically legal. 

There are some senior jobs that are more popular amongst older adults. They’re easier to get into, they’re more accessible, and they’re less strenuous (making them great for seniors who are experiencing age-related mobility problems). 

Read on to learn about 7 of the best jobs for seniors. 

1. Hobby Instructor

Do you have a passion that you’ve never been able to monetize? While monetizing your hobbies can be troublesome while you’re working a 9-5 and supporting yourself with your salary, if you’re only supplementing your current income, it can be a lot of fun. 

Teaching other people about your hobby or passion is fulfilling, exciting, and profitable if you advertise yourself well. There are people all over the world who are always interested in learning new things, and you can be the one to teach them. 

Start with a local audience if you’re able to find willing learners. Advertise your services to friends and family members first, and then go online to spread the word. 

One of the best jobs for seniors at home is teaching hobbies online on sites like Skillshare. You can teach people all around the world without leaving your home. 

So what kinds of things can you teach? Almost any hobby is a great option, but there’s a lot of demand for people who can teach (among other things): 

  • Art
  • Instruments
  • Languages 
  • Creative writing
  • Crafting
  • Gardening

2. Academic Educator

If you’re interested in a more “professional” teaching role, why not consider becoming a teacher?

Your ability to teach at different levels will depend on your education. There may be special qualifications depending on your local area as well, so look into those before you start applying to positions. 

Becoming a substitute teacher always requires a high school diploma. Depending on where you live, you may need a bachelor’s degree or a teaching certificate. 

If you have higher-level education and a long history of professional work in a desirable field, you may have the option to educate at a college level. 

3. Caregiver

Becoming a caregiver is a great option for healthy seniors who want to stay active and help other people. There are plenty of options for caregiving roles, and caregivers of all varieties are always in demand. 

You could be a home caregiver for people who have chronic illnesses or who can no longer take care of themselves alone. You could also be a respite caregiver for people who care for their own loved ones. 

You could provide childcare from your home or nannying services. Many busy parents need caregivers for their children, and caring for children may be good for your mental health. 

4. Virtual Assistant

This is another great job option for seniors who don’t want to commute to work every day. 

Virtual assistants have a variety of tasks. They’re administrative assistants who work remotely. A wide variety of fields require virtual assistants, so if you have experience in a specific administrative area, you may find it easier to get this position. 

It’s easier than ever to find remote administrative work. 

5. Retail Worker

Many older adults choose to return to retail as they get older. While many people consider retail “jobs for students,” in reality, the vast majority of retail workers are people who are long past their high school and college years. 

Retail isn’t for everyone, and some seniors may find these positions too stressful or strenuous to be sustainable. 

Not all retail positions are customer-focused. You could be a bagger, work in a deli or bakery section of a grocery store, or even be a late-night stocker. Personal shopping is also popular in 2021 and it’s not looking to go away in the future, so you could take one of those positions. 

If you want to stay social without the stress of being at the cash register, you may also be able to find a position as a greeter!

6. Consultant 

So what if you loved your previous career, but you’re no longer willing to put up with the stress and long hours that came with it? 

Being a consultant is a great option for retired professionals who were once high-up in their careers. Former business owners, real estate agents, accountants, and more are sought after as consultants.

As a consultant, you’ll help other people reach their goals by using your expertise and experience. 

7. Content Writer

Do you have a knack for writing and an urge to work from home? Consider looking for content writing positions or pitching yourself as an independent content writer to businesses who need this service.

All businesses can benefit from content writers. Great content boosts SEO, which helps those businesses rise up the ranks of Google (which makes them more visible to potential clients and customers).

Content writing can be profitable if you choose to make it a full-time gig, but you can also do it for spare change if you don’t need full-time income. Flex your writing skills at home!

Which of These Senior Jobs Is Right For You?

There are so many available jobs for senior citizens. You just have to think outside of the box. Many businesses are struggling to find workers, so there are more senior jobs than ever. 

Start your search for the perfect job so you can stay financially stable, sharp, and active as you age.

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