Top 3 Website Builders and How to Choose the One for You

There are approximately 1.7 billion websites on the world wide web, with new ones popping up every day. The Internet has opened up a universe of opportunities for people worldwide. If you’ve been mulling over creating your website, now is the best time to do so. These days, coding and technical web design skills are unnecessary for creating a website. Building one is as easy as dragging and dropping items on your screen. Certain web builders even allow you to build a website in no more than 10 minutes.

Our top 3 website builders list will save you the trouble of rummaging through countless options to find the right one for you. That way, you can establish a solid online presence and grow your trade.

1. Wix

You’ve probably come across more than a few Wix ads during your day-to-day internet browsing. Wix is the front runner in the website building niche, with over 110 million active sites. This is because Wix offers unmatched functionality, tools, and flexibility.

Wix stands out from the pack because of its full-spectrum site-building AI known as Wix ADI. Wix ADI allows straightforward site-building from users with no background in web design. The platform bridges the gap between back-end and front-end web development and design.

Wix boasts tons of themes and designs to help you create the perfect website. You also get plenty of free and paid apps to add to your site extra functionality. Wix stores, for instance, is a Wix app that makes it easy to set up and customize your eCommerce site.

While most Wix apps are from Wix, the platform allows apps from other third-party developers. Installing these apps will help improve your site’s functionality and refine its user experience.


Wix offers a free plan, but with limited bandwidth and storage. The free plan is great for starters, but you’ll probably need to switch to a paid plan if your website grows and attracts more traffic. That said, paid plans start from about $9.16 per month.

The $9.16 plan lets you publish and connect a custom domain on the internet. The combo plan costs $14.95 per month and comes with extra cloud storage and video minutes. For an online store, consider getting the e-commerce plan for $26.25 per month.


Despite being a great website builder, Wix has its downsides. The first is that if you opt for the free and domain plans, the website will be littered with Wix ads. This may not augur well for people who want a clean and professional site.

Wix also makes migrating your site to a different host very complicated. It may be a tactic to retain their migrating customer, but don’t quote us.

2. is one of the more famous names in the website building niche. The platform is a website-building pioneer and has been around for quite a while. Like Wix, offers easy-to-use tools and templates for users to create their websites.

The Pros offers a convenient drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for people with zero web design background to create their sites. The platform has thousands of pre-made website templates to be your starting point for your website building. 

It’s also pretty flexible and allows users to add features that make their sites more personal and functional. This includes photos, videos, contact forms, and social media buttons. The best part is that all sites are completely mobile-friendly for users who prefer mobile browsing.

If you’re too busy to build your site, they offer web design experts to help you out. You can speak to one of their many web design pros to meet your web design expectations. Talking to support is also a breeze with unlimited chat and phone support for your queries and complaints.

Plans and Pricing

The website starter plan costs a paltry $1.95/month and comes with the web-builder, templates, stock images, and a free domain. Alternatively, you can get a marketing plan that costs $2.95 with SEO features to help your rank better on SERPs. 

Their most costly plan is the eCommerce plan at $3.95/month, which allows smooth payments via credit cards and other methods, plus all the other features.

3. Hubspot Website Builder

Like the others, Hubspot Website Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop site-building platform. It’s especially great for small business owners and marketers because of CRM and marketing automation tools.

The Pros

Hubspot is one of the best when it comes to marketing automation and customer relationship management. All Hubspot site templates are optimized for maximum conversions to deliver concrete results. Hubspot is excellent for online startups and small businesses and integrates flawlessly with CRM platforms. 

The SEO tools and features are incredibly useful in building a stand-out website. You can also integrate powerful analytics and chat software into your site to spur its growth. 

Plans and Pricing

Hubspot’s free plan offers the website builder plus powerful automation tools like live chat, CRM, among others. This plan is great for starters, but you can upgrade to the paid plan after your site grows.

The paid plan costs $45/month and includes sales tools, a marketing hub, and business operation tools. The platform offers round-the-clock live chat and phone support for queries and complaints.

The Top 3 Website Builders You Need To know

These top 3 website builders should put you on the right track to building your first website. Make sure you do lots of research before settling on a website-building platform for your needs. The World Wide Web awaits.

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