Best cloud storage in 2021

Seeking out the best cloud storage service can be problematic in such a busy market. However, this process can be made much simpler if you know what you need before you start looking. 

Deciding on cloud storage and backup provider that offers scope for expansion can be beneficial in the long run because the majority offer personal or premium cloud storage and often business and free plans. Should your needs or requirements change, you could then be covered going forward? When researching providers, it’s best to bear your requirements in mind, and we recommend you consider the following integral factors:

  • Affordability, versatility.
  • Storage capacity and file size limits.
  • Cloud storage security.
  • Ease of use.
  • Customer support.
  • Any additional tools you might require.

Below, we’ve reviewed services offering the best cloud storage premium plans. Sitting between the best cloud storage for business’ sophisticated file syncing and military-grade secure cloud systems, and free cloud storage’s limited but ideal backups for personal files, premium cloud storage offers top-level features and more storage space across competitively-priced plans. 

Read on as we discuss cloud storage before evaluating and ranking our top premium services against those essential elements we mentioned. Let’s help you find the best cloud storage provider for your storage needs!

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage stores data on a physical drive and makes it accessible online for users via software from any internet-connected device, whenever and wherever a user wants to access them: hence the term “cloud.” Some users utilize multiple cloud services in what is called a multi-cloud service.

Self-hosted cloud storage uses on-premises (on-prem) infrastructure to provide storage rather than managed, remotely-based servers. You need to handle these types of services yourself.

Storage as a service (StaaS) uses externally managed, third-party infrastructure and data centers and offers large, affordable amounts of online storage. Designed for collaboration, they can also be described as storage and syncing platforms.

Hybrid cloud storage combines Cloud and local storage (or public and private storage) to give you the benefits of both types. This is aimed more at businesses than individuals.

Cloud sync technology encompasses link sharing and file versioning and is offered by many StaaS providers, allowing larger businesses to undertake inter-colleague collaboration, file sharing, and much more.

The top 3 best cloud storage solutions available

IDrive: the best cloud storage available

 IDrive ranks are consistently high due to its top features, high-security level, and fair pricing structure. It’s available across Windows, macOS, and Linux-based operating systems, as well as smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Google Drive: high-performing, seamlessly integrated

Google Drive’s wealth of valuable tools elevate it beyond cloud storage. Slick apps and tight integration with Google Workspace make it easy to fit into workflows, while seamless integration with third-party apps and swift performance make it an easy sell.

Dropbox: affordable and the file-sharing leader

 Dropbox remains one of the leading premium cloud storage solutions, with a simple dashboard ensuring it remains easy to use. In turn, the freedom to choose third-party apps for integration should not be underestimated compared to its competitors.

Which is the best cloud storage service?

IDrive is top of the best cloud storage premium solutions, as it offers excellent value for money throughout a range of highly secure plans. It’s also the best free cloud storage, the best cloud storage for photos, and the best personal cloud storage. 

Google Drive provides leading integrations with Google Workspace and slick mobile and desktop apps. At the same time, Dropbox continues to be one of the best cloud storage solutions thanks to its ease of use, as well as its third-party app integrations.

Microsoft OneDrive provides integration with Microsoft 365, premium plans for individuals, families, and businesses; Zoolz’ high-quality cloud storage boasts excellent security, a great free trial, and 24/7 support; and Cloud competes with the industry giants via a lifetime subscription across family and business plans, secure file-sharing, and widespread app support across mobile and desktop platforms.