How to Find the Best Senior Living Home

In the United States, independent living homes for seniors can cost up to $4,000 a month or more and assisted living facilities can go higher than $10,500 a month. If you’re going to spend that much money for a senior living home you want to make sure your loved one gets the best value possible. 

The Best Senior Living Home

What makes a senior living home the best, and how does that compare to others? You are going to have to make a lot of decisions about what you’re looking for and what would be best for your loved ones. Depending on their condition, the best senior living home may change or look different than you expect. 

The Different Types of Care Homes

One of the first things you need to consider is the type of community that you want your loved one to move into. There are several different types to consider. Each comes with a range of options and services that are tailored to specific conditions and needs. 

The first type you should consider is an independent living home. This is a place where retirees can enjoy their retirement without being hassled by a lot of extra rules or provisions. They also receive the lightest amount of care and assistance, since the elderly living here should be able to take care of themselves. 

The second type you may consider is assisted living facilities. These are places where your loved ones will have access to help should they need it. While these facilities offer a lot of assistance, they don’t provide the same level of medical care as more specialized facilities. 

The final type you should consider is nursing homes. These facilities have gotten a bad wrap in the past. However, modern nursing homes are clean, well inspected, and operate with the care of their patients in mind. These facilities are best for those with extensive medical conditions, or who can’t be expected to take care of themselves. 


Before you make any decision, make sure that the amenities offered by your facility fit what your loved one wants. The size of the apartment should be considered, as well as dining options and activity centers. The best facilities will offer fitness programs and other programs designed to keep your loved ones as active as possible for their health. 

If you are thinking of a residential home, then consider what is nearby. It is common in such homes for those who are able to be allowed to go to nearby restaurants, grocery stores, movies, or anywhere else they’d like to go. Find out what transportation options there are, and how much travel is required. 


Find Out Who Lives There

One of the best ways to keep your loved ones happy is to make sure they feel a sense of community. For that to work, it is important to try and find a community that has a large population with shared interests and ages to your loved one. You don’t want your 70-year-old mother having to deal with a bunch of elderly folks who are in their nineties and up. 

This is also true of the focus that activities take. If your loved one is artistic and musical, they probably wouldn’t be happy in a home where neither of those activities is catered to. This is all part of finding the right fit for you and your loved ones, they will be staying at the facility you place them for many years. 

Consider The Future

Many facilities are capable of expanding their role as required by your loved one. You should be aware that this also increases the cost of the arrangements. This means that if they are in an assisted care facility and require minimal support, as they age and require more support they will be moved into more specialized facilities. 

All of this costs more money. If you aren’t able to afford it, such a facility might not be the best choice for you.

This is one of the reasons why continuing care communities are difficult. They continue to cost more as time passes. Of course, the reality is that additional care will cost more no matter where your loved one is. 

Remember that even on the low end you’re looking at a care facility starting around $4,000 a month. This should give you an idea of what to expect the increases in cost to be since most nursing homes end up costing between $5,000 and $10,000 or more every month. 

Check the Credentials and Level of Preparation

Make sure that the community they are involved in has plans in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. These plans should make sense and seem feasible to you. If they don’t, you may need to reconsider. You should also see what their plans are in case of other emergencies like blackouts, or flash flooding. 

You can check the credentials of a place by checking with the state that you live in. Senior living facilities are inspected, certified and the government keeps a special eye on how that works. If the care home that you are considering is legitimate there will be plenty of records and reviews to look at. 

Find the Right Fit For You

It is not only your loved one that has to deal with where they live, you will too. This becomes even more important the older your family members get.

You need to be able to develop a rapport with the director or the staff who will be working with your loved one. This will give you valuable insight into their thinking and behavior. 

The Best Senior Living Homes

Finding the best home for the elderly will give you peace of mind and help you manage the load of having a parent or other loved one in need of frequent assistance.

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