Competitive House Cleaning Market Means Affordable Options for Seniors

Few people love cleaning their homes, but professional home cleaning services might seem like an expensive alternative. That’s no longer the case — thanks to current market conditions, home cleaners are finally affordable for the vast majority of households. Older adults can take advantage by looking for cleaning services online. With enough research, it’s possible to cut the time you spend maintaining your home while keeping your budget in check.

Home Cleaning is a Safe Option for Seniors

According to the CDC, 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments each year for fall injuries. Older adults often have difficulties with balancing and walking, and people who take blood thinners or other medications may be more prone to injury from falls.

Keeping your home clean is important, but it can also create fall risks. Tasks like mopping a floor or sweeping under heavy furniture can be hazardous, particularly for people with mobility challenges. By handing off your cleaning duties to a professional, you can avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Of course, there’s another reason to consider home cleaning services: They’re convenient. A weekly visit from a service can give you more time to spend on hobbies or with your family. In 2018, the American Cleaning Institute estimated that Americans spend an average of six hours per week cleaning their homes— that’s a lot of time to spend scrubbing and sweeping.

Choosing a Home Cleaning Service

You’ll need to evaluate your options carefully to keep costs down while finding a cleaning service that meets your expectations. Factors to consider:

  • Cleaning Frequency- Typical options include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings. The frequency of visits will affect your bill, so determine what you actually need. Remember that you can always make changes once you’ve hired the service — if your home still looks fantastic when the cleaners arrive for a second visit, you’ll know that you need to make an adjustment.
  • Services Offered- Some cleaning services will mop floors, organize your home, and wash every window, while others will only provide these services if you ask (and you’ll likely pay a bit extra). Find out exactly what each service offers. Explore add-on services to see if any of them appeal to you.
  • Health Considerations- If someone in your home has allergies or respiratory conditions, you’ll need to look for a cleaning service that takes that into consideration. Reputable cleaning services will work with their clients and select non-irritating products.
  • Security- Many seniors have understandable reservations about inviting strangers into their homes. Look for a service that is insured and bonded. Ask whether they perform background checks on their employees and whether they keep detailed employment paperwork. You can also request references if you have any concerns about a particular service.

You’ll need to look at several cleaning services before you make a decision. Consider writing down their rates, service offerings, and other pertinent information. Keeping notes will make your research much easier, particularly if you find a few companies with similar rates.

Take Advantage of the Competitive House Cleaning Market

On average, the home cleaning industry has grown by about 0.7 percent per year since 2015 according to market research firm IBISWorld. The internet has helped the market expand — home cleaners have new ways to reach their audiences, and more companies are stepping in to offer services.

That’s great news for older adults. Competition pushes prices down, particularly in cities and suburbs where multiple major franchises operate. Many home cleaners offer special deals and incentives to get customers in the door, which can make budgeting easy. Even without special rates, home cleaning is probably cheaper than you think: The average hourly rate is about $25 to $90 per cleaner, with rates varying by location.

To take full advantage of the current conditions, you’ll need to dive deep into online resources. If you find a great price from a local home cleaner, keep looking for a better one. While price isn’t the only consideration, it’s certainly a major factor, and understanding your local market is absolutely vital if you’re looking to keep costs down.

Seniors Can Find Affordable Home Cleaning Services Online

Even if you’re on a fixed income, home cleaning services can be a savvy purchase. When you’ve found a cleaning service that works for you, you’ll have more time, and you don’t have to break your bank account to afford this luxury.

With that said, some cleaning services cost more than others, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Search online for a few local cleaners and collect rates, then read the fine print. Be willing to ask questions, and when you’ve found a service, be sure to set clear expectations and boundaries. Most importantly, do your research. By looking at every available option online, you can make sure that you’re getting good value.