Best Weight Loss Programs Of 2021

People decide to lose weight for several reasons. They may adopt certain weight loss programs or diet plans to achieve this. Some may only want to burn off that extra layer around their abdomen.

The aim may be to look good and allow better fitting of clothes. Another reason could be its health benefits. Being overweight or obese poses an increased risk of developing certain health conditions.

Weight Loss Programs

You must have come across several diet plans or weight loss programs on the internet, promising to produce miracle results or speedy solutions. Not scientifically backed, they then rip you off your hard-earned money and precious time, leaving you with temporary or no results.

For this very reason, we have compiled some of the best weight loss programs, lifestyle modifications, information, and diet plans of 2019. They are effective, permanent, and life-changing.

  • Nutrisystem:

Several celebrities, sports stars, and television personalities have branded and advertised this program. Nutrisystem is a low-calorie, easily accessible, and balanced weight loss program that focuses on small portions of meals as a means of controlling calorie intake.

It provides the number of calories that are just enough for you. Not over what you need, which is the primary reason why fat accumulates. It considers your age and sex. Thus, it is an individual specific program. It gives 1000 calories in the first week. In subsequent weeks, men get 1600 calories while women get 1200.

  • Watchers-Premium Weight Loss Program:

One of the older, yet effective programs, this weight loss program has rebranded. It has placed more emphasis on physical activity. They even go as far as saying you can eat whatever you want, claiming that physical activity is more implicated in weight loss than any diet plan. With a mobile app and scoring system, people have access to healthy recipes, tracking tools, guides, and online support.

  • Diet-To-Go:

This is a low carb delivery service. It follows the approach that diet plans involving the right portions would boost metabolism and guarantee weight loss. It has four diet plan options: Balance, KetoCarb30, Balance-Diabetes, and Vegetarian. Professionals designed the program, and you can have meals delivered wherever you are. It also has a flexible schedule.

  • Jillian Michaels- Personalized Fitness and Diet Plans:

This program focuses on women and combines diet plans with exercises. However, it is relatively strict. It is to ensure that you get the best results. Some of its highlights include professional dieticians, fitness trainers, menu-planning guides, and an array of specific workouts.

  • The South Beach Diet:

Popularly called the carb-hating diet, the weight loss program centres on low carbohydrate meals. It concentrates on fibres and whole grains rather than “empty” carbs. It also boasts as much as 13-pound weight loss within two weeks if strictly followed. Highlights include calorie calculations, a three-stage dietary plan, and a free trial!

Changing Your Lifestyle

While genetics may play a role in how you gain and lose weight, you also have a major say on the number of pounds you put on. Any of the above weight loss programs would help you on your journey to weight loss. They are not expensive, and they are not hard to follow.

You should consider it as a comprehensive approach to better health. This means you must include diet plans, exercises, good sleep, reduced stress levels, and cessation of poor habits such as excessive alcohol consumption. This would ensure optimum results. Stay healthy!